Friday, July 27, 2007

Stop the cutting!

The top 5 surgeries you don't want to have from Women's Bioethics Blog . Look at those first two. I love that this is from the CNN website which is awesome. Can we convince and educate women that they don't need always need a hysterectomy. We don't go around removing men's testicles when they are done with childbearing, so why should we have our uterus' removed when it's medically unecessary (there are other alternatives such as ablation, embolization, etc).

And episiotomies....let's get with the times please - I have tons of research that shows little or no benefit to this practice. Let's stop cutting on women!!!!!!


BillyBob said...

I've always cringed when hearing of someone having a hysterectomy. It just seems like it would leave a woman so... empty.

Ciarin said...

While I believe our body parts don't make us who we are, our uterus' and ovaries are a part of being a woman. Some women do fine with the loss of these body parts...others are impacted in ways that we can barely begin to understand.

Housefairy said...

One of the best things about homebirth, IMHO, is the fatc that the midwife doesnt bring an arsenal of--lets call them what they are--weapons! No swords, no knives...a very good feeling to know that you will not be CUT