Saturday, July 28, 2007

My second child

My second child...she's something else. She's 7 going on 17. I have no doubt she will be a nightmare as a teenager. She'll have to be the one kept locked up in the basement - haha. My husband is black, I'm white. So if you do the math and have read the previous posts, you can figure out that our children are....half and half! Very Good. They are gorgeous babies - and I know every mom says this about her kids unless she has problems. But mine really are. We especially get it with the girls. Since they were babies, you take them anywhere....

"Oh your girls are so beautiful!"

"What gorgeous babies you have"

"Are you babysitting these pretty little girls?"

Wait...what???? Yes I have been asked that. Or variations of that. Now mind you, we lived in South Carolina until last year. SC is 20 years behind the rest of the country. People still have outhouses. And they use them.

So anyway, my older daughter is beautiful and somewhat tomboyish. She likes sports, plays with the boys (and usually wins), but says she is never having a boyfriend. I'll enjoy that one while it lasts. My husband says he is putting bars up on the windows. He says the first time some young thug shows up on our doorstep, he's buying a gun. I like to remind him that he used to be a young thug. He says that's why he'll buy the gun.

I was induced with my older daughter at 38 weeks. Low AFI (Amniotic fluid index) of 3.47. I was a green apple so was admitted the night before for cytotec then the plan was for pitocin (the hurtin' medicine) the next morning. Well, it was never needed as the cytotec put me into labor. After cramping all night and only being 1cm dilated, my water broke and I immediately started contracting pretty bad. I remember they came in threes. My husband was useless naturally. He watched a baseball game. Looking back I should've thrown the IV pole at him. I haven't let him live that down yet. Three hours later I was 10cm. I did get an epidural at 5 cm...but it didn't work. When they cam back 20 minutes later to do it again, I felt the need to push while sitting up. I told the doc, who was still in the room. This is kinda what the conversation was like...

Me "I need to push" (mumbling this into the pillow I was leaning over)

Doc "You can't be, I just checked you and you were 5cm"

Me "Then I need to shit, can I go to the bathroom?"

Doc " no-no, let me check you after they finish"

And I was then 9cm. Here's a lesson...when the pregnant laboring woman says the baby is usually is! Of course there are times when I have had women tell me I gotta push, then you check them and they are 1cm. uh, NO YOU CAN'T PUSH.

So, after three and a half hours of pushing, three attempts with the vacuum to help, and forceps my older dughter arrived in the world. The third degree tear, not being able to pee for 24 hours, and the bleeding nipples I would have later all paled in comparison to her. She was sweet, and beautiful, and a doll. I can't figure out when she changed into the devil spawn whe is now. Just kidding. Sorta.

So enough for post I'll tell you about my third birth and my tattoos :) Can we say almost total back coverage????

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