Sunday, July 29, 2007

Inappropriate and disrespectful

Wow, I can't wait to have anesthesia again - maybe someone will do something totally inappropriate and disrespectful to me. Oh goody.


BillyBob said...

You don't even need to be anesthetized to be the "BUTT" of someone's sick joke(
it can even happen in a hospital while you are busy dying.

Ciarin said...

Wow. That story is even worse than this one. and you know what was almost as bad? In the comments section, Arlene stated that she thought it was funny and wouldn't wanna work with any of the fifty other people. What an ass. Many of us are known for our sick and sometimes morbid sense of humor...that's ok. There are so many ways to be sick and morbid, that don't involve messing someone's dignity up. What a total lack of compassion!!!!

Dr. Confused said...

Both of those stories are horrible. As well as the tradition of medical students learning to do pelvic exams on anesthesized women without their consent. I know the first two stories were "pranks" not standard practice, but they have in common a refusal to acknowledge the dignity and humanity of a patient.