Sunday, September 20, 2009


So due to some financial 'tightness' I decided to pick up a couple registry shifts each month. No one wants me to do this - my BFF, my husband, and my mother are all concerned that it will be too much. Well, yes, probably. But it would decrease my stress level about money and we are only talking about 24 hours a month in addition to my regular work.

I did the first shift recently and it went quite well. I was really nervous because I had not been to this particular place. You never know what your reception will be like. Some staff nurses get p*ssed because registry and travelers make big bucks. But I have had pretty good experiences in the past. The staff was very helpful and friendly. I did postpartum though, which was booorrring. It made for a very long draggy day.

I got to meet the doc that a midwife friend of mine has to work with. She's told me all kinds of horror stories about him. I've also heard stuff about him from someone else. I don't know how she stands working with him, although it may be because she is much more laid back than I am. I didn't actually meet him, just was sitting there when he came by. The words coming out of his mouth were stunning. It was all I could do to not tell him off. He obviously does not like women (and I don't mean sexually!). Apparently his wife is divorcing him and I am just not at all surprised! Agh!

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Joy said...

I'm interested to hear why post-partum recovery is something people don't look forward to?