Friday, September 4, 2009


This is just some miscellaneous crap because I'm too tired to do a real blog post right now.

Hmmm, speaking of being too tired from work related things...Check out the blog RN Obesity Blues. This L&D nurse blogs about her life, chronic illness, women's healthcare and more. She's new to the blogosphere but very well spoken. I think she's gonna have lots to say (and hopefully it will make sense! Haha!).

I had the labor from hell recently...well, I didn't but my patient did. Will post over the weekend about that.

Going on two weeks now not feeling terribly hot. Less temps now, more nasal congestion. Husband is sick, older daughter is home sick. I think at least my daughter has the flu due to high temps. I also noticed she was growing a little curly tail, so maybe swine flu?

I'm already to role to do some registry work to pick up a few extra just waiting to hear about a shift.

I'm glad I didn't let this blog go. I still have lots to say that just isn't appropriate for my real 'professional' identity to share.

And....ummm....well I had something else I was gonna say and just forgot it....

Oh wait, I remember...The grand total for last month - 24 babies. Am I a baby magnet or what?????


minority midwife said...

That's a lot of babies... are you a hospitalist Ciarin? If so, how do you like it?

Ciarin said...

No I'm not! I'm in private practice with some other midwives. It was just a very crazy month for me - what can I say...I'm a baby magnet!

Joy said...

I look forward to hearing the labor story from hell. And I'm sorry your household is sick- get to feeling better!

Beetus said...

Wow, totally honored to have you mention my blog!! Love yours and refer to it often. I'm glad you didn't let your blog go. Keep up the great work!