Friday, September 18, 2009

Highlights from hell (aka office)

Ok, the office isn't that bad but it sucks when you are really tired.

- I can't snap my fingers and take away your sciatica, achy back, or carpal tunnel. Don't get frustrated at me. I didn't get you pregnant.

- refrain from telling me how you wish you could just have the baby now or that the baby is ready...and you are 32 weeks along. I didn't get you pregnant.

- You need to drink more water. No, soda and juice don't count. When you offer me more reasons why you can't drink more water, I'm still going to tell you to drink more water. I didn't get you pregnant.

- saw a 16-year-old who is term and really want me to be there for the birth. I wouldn't commit though. I told her she would be fine regardless of who was there. I am entitled to a life outside of work and am decreasing offers to come in on my day off to catch a baby.

I have to admit, while I was safely ensconced in the office bad sh*t was going down at the hospital. A maternal death occured - very sad situation. That hasn't happened in a couple of years. What amde it even sadder is that it was preventable. My heart goes out to the children. Good reminder not to ignore warning signs. Good reminder to also appreciate life and your loved ones!


pinky said...

OMG, why do I understand completely what you are saying? No, I did not get her pregnant either but it often seems she blames me! A maternal death is tops on the suck meter. Sorry it happened on your door step. Yes, it being preventable makes it way too much to handle. No, don't ignore warning signs. I agree there.

Joy said...

Oh how sad (about the mom dying)!

And I agree with you on your points, even though I'm not a med. professional. It makes me angry to no end when someone wants to get their baby OUT and wants to put themselves into labor as early as 30 weeks.