Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I went out of town recently to a place with no electricity or indoor toilet. I was not a happy camper...in every sense of the word! There was an outhouse...it was reasonably clean but the flies during the day were out of control! I was in this environment for a retreat, which otherwise was great. Oh wait, the sleeping sucked too. But other than those things, we ate well, drank well, and got a lot done!

I'm not really an outdoorsy kinda girl. I prefer my outdoors in small doses. Like a couple hours. I don't mind light hiking, etc but just not into roughing it for more than a day or so. I much prefer cities...like Las Vegas, San Diego, etc.

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minority midwife said...

Ew Out houses.

I've been going back and reading all your "looking for a job" posts, lol. Now I remember you took a Huuuuge break at that time too :o)