Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I thought this was an interesting post about a woman's experience of miscarriage. She found it to be an enlightening experience. I am very happy that good came out of bad for her!!!!

My experience was not enlightening in the least bit. When I was 17, I got pregnant with my then (abusive) boyfriend. I bled for a month and finally miscarried at 12 weeks. My boyfriend took me to the ER where I sat in the waiting room with a washcloth between my legs. When the nurse took me back (this is the only kind act I remember), she took me to the restroom to help me get changed. When she saw how much I was bleeding and how upset I was, she said 'oh honey, I'm so sorry. Let me help you.' Makes me cry a little to think about that one small act of...kindness and consideration. Because it was the only one that occurred that night.

I laid on a gurney for three hours, in terrible pain, passing clot after clot of blood. I remember telling my boyfriend that if this was what labor would be like that I wasn't getting pregnant ever again (hunh, three kids later). I wasn't offered any pain meds as I was only 17 and didn't have a parent with me. Turns out I had a partial molar pregnancy ( this is where the placenta basically overgrows, filling the uterus with grape-like clusters, the baby usually either doesn't grow or does but dies early on). I had to have a D&C at a later date and follow-up bloodwork.

The ER experience is unpleasant....ER personnel, in general, don't like pregnancy or pregnant women. They would rather try to get a laboring woman up to L&D and risk her delivering in the elevator than just keep her in the ER, catch, then send her up! Silly! Anyway, I advise women who are potentially going to miscarry, that unless their bleeding is too heavy, to stay home. Have someone with them who will help look after them and provide lots of TLC. Because whether you lose a baby at 8 weeks or full-term, it's a tough experience emotionally. It's still the loss of a child, your child. It took me four months to move on after what had happened.

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Joy said...

So many women go to the ER when they are miscarrying or think they're miscarrying. I try to encourage them to call their DOCTOR (most of whom have an after-hours line). Most of the time nothing can be done anyway so I don't understand why they go and end up paying hundreds of dollars only to be told, "Go home!"

I've had 2 miscarriages so I understand the pain (physical and mental/emotional). *HUGS*