Friday, December 12, 2008

Lack of writing

I haven't been blogging much - just very tired and a wee bit overwhelmed with holiday stuff. So I have given myself permission to blog only when I feel like it :) Things may be a bit slow over the next couple weeks in that case.

Vegas was fabulous fun but we made a deposit instead of a withdrawal :p I discovered single-deck blackjack and loved it. I actually made some of our losses back playing that. The odds are supposed to be better anyway with single deck.

Work is busy busy - haven't been on call since before leaving for Vegas but start call tonight until Monday morning. My first weekend....I'm a little nervous.

I'm having a hard time in the office with some of my ladies - there are several that I have been seeing almost exclusively and feel so very bonded with. So then I am telling them I will try to be there for their delivery. I shouldn't be doing this so much though - it can take up a lot of personal time and my girls are always disappointed when I have to leave for a baby :( I feel very torn.

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