Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays - Happy New Year's!

We had a great Christmas, lots of family time. Very relaxing just sitting around the fireplace, playing Wii, etc. Christmas dinner, courtesy of my husband, was excellent!

I was on call yesterday and aside from being very busy in the office, it was pretty laid back. I had a Burmese lady who I had never met that came in and had her baby in the late morning. It's really so frustrating when there is a language barrier. It becomes very difficult to make a connection with someone. It really makes me realize how important language is to us. At least with hispanic women I can speak a few words.

Aggravating things in the office this past couple weeks...

1. On Monday I saw at least 6 pregnant women who were dehydrated. Drink ladies drink!

2. Yesterday, the trend of the day was spotting/bleeding in the first trimester. One lady went to the hospital the weekend before Christmas, when she was about 12 weeks. She went even though the midwife on call advised her to stay home and wait until Monday unless, of course, worsening of symptoms occurred. Well, the patient tells me it wasn't convinient (I never can get the spelling right on this word) since she had to work Monday and she just wanted some piece of mind. What she wanted was an ultrasound! The hospital did this whole work up and everything was completely normal. Go figure. As I listened to her talk about it was easier to go to the hospital then wait and come to our office a day later, I kept thinking "well, it's not easier when I have to pay the bill for people who take advantage of their free medical care". Grrr....I once had a patient tell me, when I was a L&D nurse, after I said that I wanted to get the last little bit out of her IV bag..."oh, that's no big deal, I don't have to pay for it anyway". I actually told her "well I do" but I don't think she got it.

3. Spotting on and off for four days at 6 weeks pregnant....a family member asks for an, no.

Anyway, that's enough being snarky....these things sometimes get frustrating though. Plus, it's a really bad time of the month this month for me with PMDD. I've got one nerve left and everyone wants to step on it!!!!

I'm off for the next five days so plan to get some stuff done around the house, chill, watch movies, and of course, catch up on blogging!

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