Sunday, April 27, 2008

Las Vegas/ Juvenile deliquent

Just a quick note...we left for Las Vegas today and arrived safe and sound. Oh, 'we' being my mother and I. I got lucky last night - was on call and my pager never went off, never had to go to the hospital!

We had a nice dinner - just did buffet tonight to take advantage of the crab legs and shrimp :) Yummy! Gambled a little on the blackjack tables with minimal losses. We have been practicing a new system, especially for my mom as she is a blackjack 'tard.

On a more sour note, we returned to our room to my husband having just left a urgent message to call him back immediately. Naturally I start thinking the worst...which of my children is maimed???? No one was hurt. Instead I discovered that my older daughter had a juvenile deliquent moment. She was playing basketball where she shouldn't have been and broke a car window. Ok, if that was all, I could be a little less upset. I mean, accidents happen, doesn't mean she's gonna spend her adult years in the state penitentary (sp). But! She decided to autograph her little mishap...yes, you guessed it...she wrote her name on the car door with a rock. Well, she won't be sitting for a week and she is losing her expensive birthday party we were having for her in a couple weeks. And she'll be working off the bill for the next few months. I am still in shock. I don't know what possessed her to do that. I mean, she obviously wasn't thinking...if she had been she would have written someone else's name! Haha - just kidding!

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