Tuesday, April 1, 2008

L&D nurse wannabes

Conversation between me and a nurse orienting on L&D.

Me: She's 8-9 centimeters now.

Nurse: Oh, she's 8-9?

Me: Uh, yes (said slowly as nurse seems to have trouble understanding).

Nurse: Do you want me to start having her push?

Me: uhhh, noooo, not until she is 10 cms.

Nurse: oh, ok.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this conversation?


socrunchy said...

Wow, I thought waiting to push at 10 is common knowledge? And wouldn't she know to push on her own anyway?

I remember reading pushing too early can cause a swollen cervix...

Ciarin said...

I kinda thought pushing once 10cm was common knowledge as well. Yes, pushing prior to full dilation can cause cervical swelling and cervical lacerations. However, there are actually times when a little bit of pushing can be beneficial prior to being completely dilated. This particular woman was going natural and had no urge to push yet so definitely not appropriate for her.