Thursday, April 3, 2008

Green Badge

I got a green badge today and am so proud of myself! What does a green badge mean, you ask? A green badge has many benefits. I'll list them and then you can guess who gets green badges.

1. I get to eat free now! I can't wait to see if the free food in the lounge is better than the plebian food in the cafeteria.

2. I will no longer be mistaken as an employee of the hospital.

3. I will no longer have to explain who I am.

4. I can hang out and hobnob with the doctors in the lounge now!

Have you figured out who gets these green badges? Yes - medical staff!

So here' the story...

When I received privileges at the hospital at the beginning of December last year, my co-worker took me over to get my badge and she needed to get her's replaced (she had an old white one that the hospital was no longer using). They refused to issue us green badges and instead gave us purple badges (which are what the nurses and other employees in the OB department get). We attempted to argue with no success. We were told that we were NOT part of medical staff but instead, were allied health professionals. how come all the CRNAs (certified registered nurse anesthetists) and every other midwife has (including the medwife in our own practice!) a green badge? Even the residents get green badges!

So time goes by...3 months later, I bitched and complained and finally said the right things, which were suggested by the medwife! The office manager contacted the chief of medical staff's assistant - a couple days later - walah! A green badge for all midwives!

It's a triumphant day for midwifery at this hospital.

PS I can park in the doctor's parking now - wow. Not that I will, because there are CNM parking spots by the building that houses OB. Although they are compact size spots...apparently midwives are supposed to drive VW bugs or something.

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