Sunday, April 27, 2008

Begging for induction

By the way, the lady I spoke about in the Induction Doctor post who was impatient because her induction wasn't going fast enough and ended up going home? I saw her in the office four days later and she begged me for induction...said she would be patient this time. She was 40.5 weeks. I suggested waiting a couple more days but to no avail...I caved in and set her up for that evening. I gave her the spiel about induction not going quickly, etc etc. Naturally her IOL took 20 hours. She was a crabby patty when I showed up the next day and she was still pregnant. I told her not blame me - I didn't get her pregnant and I certainly didn't beg her for an induction. Yeah, ok, I didn't say this. But I thought it. And on top of that she had the worst labor nurse that works there! I got that fixed though at least. But once she finally got to 10cms, she spit that kid out in four minutes - woohoo! She went and had her cigarette, then I was her new best friend after that. Amazing what pushing a baby out and smoking a cigarette can do for one's state of mind.

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