Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nurse Crappy at Her Finest

I was told by Nurse Crappy that one of the docs I work with asked her to grab a midwife if she saw one to break his patient's water. The patient is a multip being induced because she's been 5cms for a couple weeks now. Um, ok. He's gonna be in surgery for awhile. So I go break the lady's water (with her consent of course) and get a ton of fluid. I tell Nurse Crappy "She's still 5cms but I think she's gonna go fast". I head to the OR to first assist on a scheduled section. We're just getting ready to get the baby out when Nurse Crappy comes in and says the other doctor's patient is now a rim and very pushy. Can you please come because the other doctor is in a gyn surgery and can't make it?

I tell Nurse Crappy - I'm in surgery as you might be able to see, and can't come either. (Perhaps the other doctor should have thought about the wisdom of breaking a mulitp's water when you won't be readily available) I tell her she better get a resident to come stand by.

They get a midwife who's in the office seeing patients to come over as well, which she misses the delivery (but the resident was there for the delivery at least - I wouldn't trust Nurse Crappy to get a patient a glass of water, let alone catch the baby).


pinky said...

yeah I miss work.

Beetus said...

Classic boneheaded OB BS. Combined with your post below, just makes me sad. Midwifery is a beautiful and noble calling. Midwives honor women and strengthen families. Yet, most docs view them as their personal assistant which is insulting at best and degrading, at worst.