Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm a Mini-Resident or Let Me Be Your B*tch

I was recently on postpartum during call doing rounds. The postpartum nurse (she normally works in the nursery) asks me if I will be seeing a patient who was sectioned over the weekend. I let her know that we don't do post-op rounds, the docs do their own (it's a hospital by-law kinda thing).

7 hours later...

She calls me at the office and says...

"No one ever came to see this patient and she wants to go home. I called Dr S0-and-So who said that no one ever asked him to see that patient. I then called the doctor she was assigned under who seemed rather perturbed and told me to have you come see her, discharge her, and give her an Rx for vicodin."


Of course, I get ticked off. I'm at the office seeing patients. I have no reason to go back to the hospital. I'm not his b*tch. So I call him and ask what's going on with this patient.

He informs me that he knew she was there because he rounded on her yesterday, but forgot to see her today. Was I still at the hospital? I tell him no, I am in the office seeing patients and have no plans to go back to the hopsital. He says "well ok, just thought if you were there you could see her. I'll call her in a Rx then." Ok then!

I had already broken the water of his patient earlier in the day at his request. Gotta draw the line somewhere :p

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