Monday, May 17, 2010

I hate It When...

I hate it when...

  • water breaks prior to the onset of labor
  • onset of labor doesn't occur by 24 hours out from rupture of membranes
  • it's momma's first baby and her cervix is unfavorable

It frustrates me when...

  • I call to give the oncoming midwife report and she appears to have an attitude of 'I can't believe you are leaving anything for me other than a perfectly normal spontaneous labor'
  • I don't ever moan and groan to the preceding midwife about what I get 'left' but it happens to me
  • patients call on weekends about minor gyn problems - really, it can wait a few more hours until the office opens!

I love it when...

  • things go smoothly and no intervention is necessary
  • a baby is born vaginally
  • I can leave the board clear for the oncoming midwife


pinky said...

I hate those things too.

Shary Lopez said...

IS it common to have an unfavorable cervix with a first baby? What's the difference with a multip?

Abby said...

"it's momma's first baby and her cervix is unfavorable:

Can you explain this a little bit? Why does it happen? I had some difficulties with my first...I needed to be induced to get things going, and I progressed iwthout help for 16 hours...but then, I think his size got in the way. (11 lbs. 5 oz.) May have hindered progression...(I ended up having him vaginally with vacuum assistance)

So why does it do that with first time mom's? Is there medical research on it?

Ciarin said...

I'm actually refering to the combo of the three things in that first list. If it's simply that momma is having her first baby and has an unfavorable cervix...well, then you just wait for labor and it will become favorable. We encourage women (especially firt-timers) to wait until 42 weeks before being induced. Most women go into labor by that time.

It's when someone's water breaks, with no labor apparent, that this situation becomes more of a stressful hassle :p Fortunately only about 15% of women will have their water break prior to the onset of labor and most of these women will be in labor by 24 hours out....something like 85%. Does this help Abby?

eulogos said...

That's why I had my C section in 1973. Doc said the cervix was "green" as in "not ripe". That night, my water started leaking, a few contractions no labor. Pitocin, some piddly contractions with no effect, all night, then C section.

I have had 8 vaginal deliveries since then, however.
Susan Peterson