Saturday, May 15, 2010

Favorite 'duh' moment of the day

It's 4am. The pager goes off.

Nurse - I have a patient who came in for r/o labor. She was 2cms when she got here (ok, it's her first baby - just send her home at this point!) so I had her walk. I recehcked her and she was 3cms. So I sent her back out to walk and will re-check her in 30 minutes. What do you want me to do with her?

Me - I suppose recheck her in 30 minutes and send her home if she hasn't changed, otherwise page me back (thinking, 'wow, you could have made this a one wake-up episode if you ahd just waited the thirty damn minutes then woke me up!).

1 hour later....the pager goes off.

Nurse - She's 3-4cms now.

Me - jeezus, send her home already - tell her to come back when they are closer together and stronger (which should have been the plan when she came in at 2cms).

Nurse - Can I offer her something to help her sleep?

Me - Sure....we could have done that 2 hours ago.


mitchsmom said...

Does your unit give something to sleep / "therapeutic rest" often? It seems like some units do, especially for those latent labors. If so, do you find it helpful at all? (Do they get some rest and come back refreshed and ready to have baby? Come back groggy and no better? etc.?)

Our unit pretty much never does it. I've probably done it maybe once in 4 years.

I hope your husband is hanging in there ok, and you too :)

Ciarin said...

I definitely use therapuetic rest frequently for prodromal labor and it works every time!

Thanks for the well wishes for my husband. He is hanging in there :)