Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ok pervs, it's not what you think! Just a short post before I head off to bed.

I was in the office and encountered some interesting and fun patients.

I have a lady who's first baby I caught last year and I am now seeing with her second child. I am eagerly looking forward to catching this baby! She brought her daughter with her, who I have not seen since her birth. She's adorable and so big! We always have a good time cutting up.

I have another lady who is pregnant with her third. She's a doll...she has RA so she and I have bonded over rheum issues :p I am hoping to catch her baby as well.

I saw a teen who has bipolar, history of substance abuse (currently smokes pot to avoid doing meth I guess), and smokes. This was my first time meeting her. She had her mother and boyfriend with her. I asked if this was his baby...was actually joking with him...he answered no then she did also. I hesitated because I thought they were joking back. Uh no. It's not his. Ooookay. Anyway, she has this fabulous bubbly personality :) I had to give her an Rx for her BV that showed up on a pap and culture done by the NP. But frankly, I didn't need the labs to make a diagnosis. I could have done it when I walked in the room. I had a flashback and thought I was at the beach. Seriously. You didn't notice that anyone????

I had another teen who I wanted to smack. I normally do quite well with teens but this one wouldn't look me in the eye, kept looking at her teen sister and giggling. Her mother would answer questions for her, even when I had my back to her and was facing the patient when I asked. The mother answered when I asked if the baby was moving lots... Uh, last time I checked mom, you weren't the pregnant 16-year-old. The patient got smartass with me when I tried to counsel her on her diet and weight gain. She flat out told me that she eats nothing but junk. I suggested some reasonable substitutes and just cutting back on the junk. She just kept giving me lip, so I just gave it right back to her. Betcha I won't see her again....until she shows up in labor as my luck would likely have it.

Saw a couple of new OBs, one of which is the sister of another patient of mine :)

Sadder news...The rheum said I have fibromyalgia along with whatever arthritic disorder I have. I wasn't hugely surprised as i suspected this was coming. But it's still a bit of an adjustment. Then, after feeling pretty decent all weekend (aside from the usual lack of sleep), I started feeling pretty crappy this afternoon to be topped off by falling about a half an hour ago. I am feeling supercrappy now. The arm of the chair practically went up my butt when it flipped out from under me.


AtYourCervix said...

Ah, welcome to the not so wonderful world of fibromyalgia. I also have it. I was diagnosed in my teens/early 20's.

Sorry to hear about the frustrations with your teen patient re: diet. It's a constant struggle to educate and try to convince teens to decrease the junk food and increase the good food.

Joy said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon!

I'd want to smack that teen, too. I won't even get started on that... ugh!

Beetus said...

Falling is bad enough, but getting the arm of the chair up your butt is just adding insult to injury!!

pinky said...

At the psych hospital I work at one of the teenagers said, "Get me my F-ing inhaler!!" Well she shouted it at me. So I calmly told her we don't have that brand. We have albuterol but no Fucking inhaler. Her parents were going to have to bring that one in from home.

She looked rather confused when I explained that. So I just got her an albuterol inhaler. Slowly. I go ever so slowly when patients start yelling at me. Passive aggressive much? Perhaps!