Friday, May 15, 2009

Office spiels

I spent the last couple days in the office, came close to not going in but totally sucked my dedicated a$$ up and went in :p I feel like I am seeing lots and lots of primips lately. I know this because I keep giving my spiel about how first babies usually come after their due date, just plan to be pregnant until 41 weeks at least, the baby knows when to come and he/she will come on his/her birthday.

Other spiels....

You need to drink lots of water during pregnancy, especially in hot a$$ Arizona.

Smoking is bad for you and baby.

Normal. That's normal. Feeling that is normal. Normal normal normal. (getting this one tattooed across my forehead so I can just point to it!).

Spotting and light bleeding in the first trimester are very common. It doesn't mean a miscarriage will always occur. (I'll get at least one 3am call on this one over the weekend).

On the lighter side of things...I have several term ladies who I would love to catch their babies. Hoping some of them will show up this weekend. Especially the one who is planning hypnobirthing....I'm so excited to see that and how it works. There's also a personal patient of one of the other midwives (she's tied up all weekend so won't be able to come) pregnant with twins, both vertex, term, and 4cms. I've never caught vag twins before so would love to do this....too bad the back-up doc is my least fav on call :p

I'll keep you all posted!


Tonia said...

That is funny that you posted this now. My first 2 were 3 weeks and 2 weeks early respectively and here I am sitting pregnant with my 3rd and my due date is tomorrow! And I am planning on using hypnobirthing in the tub. I did hypnobirthing with both my boys.

Marisa said...

People seriously don't know that smoking is bad for baby? Really?

Anywho...LOVE your blog :)

Midlife Midwife said...

Can I come catch with you...please, please? Oh wait...the weekend is over already...drat!

Anonymous said...

Where are you Ciarin! I miss you. Hope you haven't posted because you are sunning yourself on a beach in Hawaii. Come back. Come back.


Joy said...

Ooh, can't wait to hear what happened that weekend! Must update as soon as you get some R&R.

I agree with the, "That's NORMAL" thing. I'm no nurse or doctor but I do oversee a major medical forum on pregnancy and cannot BELIEVE the things that women just don't know. It's not that hard to research or buy a book or even talk to the doctor.