Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another beautiful story

I had a lady admitted for induction. Yes, induction at 37.5 weeks gestation. And it weas one of the best births I have ever seen. Here's the story...

I had seen this pediatric MD about 4 times during her prenatal care, the rest of the time she jumped around and saw whoever worked with her schedule. Well, I got a call from her in the late morning. Turns out she was heading in to her hospital (she moved here and took this job based on the close proximity to us!) to round when she had some light bleeding. She decided to go get checked.

*Past history - had a c/s with her other baby, when she was a resident for persistent OP and raging chorio (infection around baby). She ahd progressed to ten centimeters and pushed for awhile but baby tanked.*

So the triage nurse at SomeOtherHospital checks her and she is 2/80/high. But there's more blood than the nurse is confortable with. Turns out she has retroplacental clot - rather large at that - and gets admitted. She's told that if she doesn't stay stable (the baby looks bad or the clot grows) they will section her because they don't do VBACs. So she fortunately gets them to discharge her as she will come directly to our hospital for induction of labor. We pit her and she progresses very nicely. She births in a standing position after a completely unmedicated labor on pitocin early in the morning. I was a little envious of the student midwife as she got to catch! This was my first birth in this position so was thrilled. She looked so amazing! Even with pitocing and continuous monitoring, it was fabulous! The only downside, she had a short perineum and had a nasty tear that the doc had to come repair - which went smoothly and quickly. She was still very happy with the experience and the way things turned out. Baby was nursing like a chaamp also :)

And it turns out, she really had wanted me to be the one at her birth. I had no idea she felt that way! It's so cool how things work out so frequently!

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Joy said...

I love the birth stories and this one is awesome!!!