Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beautiful Birth

I was technically off last night and today but I got a call about 6:30pm (I was on call until 7pm) from a patient who I had agreed to be second back-up for her delivery. The other midwife who had seen this patient most of the pregnancy had asked me a couple weeks ago because she knew she would have a lot going on around Easter. The patient, her husband, and her doula are all sweet as can be. Anway, she started laboring yesterday eevening but wasn't ready to go to the hospital, just wanted me to have a heads up. Which was good because we were having a Wii party with the kids and I was planning to have a glass of wine (or 2 or 3 or the whole bottle), which I skipped knowing she was getting ready.

I talked to her once more a couple hours later, she was feeling stronger cxns but not ready for the hospital yet. About 2:45am, I get a call that they are there but will not let the nurse check her. She didn't want to know what she was dilated in case it would discourage her. I talked to the doula and explained that #1 I needed enough time to get there so really wanted to know what she was dilated and #2 couldn't admit her without knowing what she was dilated (I didn't really think she would be only 2cm but still...). So the plan was to check her and not tell her! And naturally, she was 8cm (how much cervix is dilated - 10 being the goal), 100% effaced (cervix completely thinned out, and -1 station (where presenting part is in the pelvis). Perfect! I tell the nurse I am on my way.

When I get there, she's in the tub and doing wonderfully. Her water breaks (actually I think she had a high leak because she had a bulging bag when she was pushing that I popped) while she's in there. She starts to feel a little pushy. I tell her I can check her whenever she wants me to. She gets into the bed and is now 9.5cm. I tell her she can do some little grunty pushes and that cervix will go away soon. I actually ended up reducing itand she pushed for about 38 minutes. Completely non-directed pushing, starting on hands and knees. I was really hoping she would deliver in that position but she flipped around to a sitting position. She crowned focused and well controlled. I believe it was one of the best I have seen. Baby boy was crying before he finished birthing! Straight to momma's chest for skin-to-skin contact and after a while breastfeeding. Delivered the placenta a few minutes later on her own. No pitocin ever needed! Babies really are born without pitocin!!!!

Amazing stuff! I wish everyone could understand what it is to have gone through this experience and how it makes a woman feel.


Karen said...

Wonderful story!!! Amazing how elegantly birth can go, isn't it!?

Midlife Midwife said...

Great birth story!

Anonymous said...

Had one just like that the other day....needle phobic so declined the oxytocin but she didn't need it anyway.

BillyBob said...