Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Latest Adventures of Nurse Crappy

So yet again, I have p*ssed someone off and gotten the worst nurse there - Nurse Crappy.

Even one of the docs I was doing a section with (their patient, not mine) was ready to bang her head against the wall. This doc is one of the nicest most patient docs ever. But Nurse Crappy can do that to you.

My BFF joked that she ran into Nurse Crappy in the cafeteria and asked her to not kill my patient today. That had me laughing at least.

But I have to be nice. There's been a b*tchfest recently about us midwives on the part of some of the nursing staff. I can't bark orders at intellectually challenged nurses anymore. I have to mentor them instead. F*cking p*sses me off. I don't see my job as being about educating and mentoring the nursing staff - don't get me wrong, will do this with those I like and those that are interested in that from us - but it's not my job to focus on nursing staff development. Seriously - that's what the nursing educator is for. Not really sure what she does. But theoretically that's her job. I see my job as protecting my patients from those who are lazy or incompetent. It gets old....hence the 'barking' of orders.


pinky said...

That is a bad place to be. I wish you Good luck with that one.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that the RNs have a negative view of the midwives. Even the ones who are super competent, have excellent bedside manner, and speak Spanish!! Those midwives are perceived as talking down to the RN.

Still you get more results w/ sugar than vinegar.