Friday, October 23, 2009

Paranormal Activity - one small spoiler

I went and saw Paranormal Activity recently with a friend. It's been touted as the scariest movie of all time. Not so much. It was very good though - nice build of suspense. I do recommend it!

We have some paranormal activity in our house. Sometimes I see figures of little children at my bedside. They usually are whining and wanting to get in the bed. Nothing seems to make them go away...even closing my eyes and trying to go back to sleep. I sometimes am bitten while lying in my bed...even in the daylight! After the cat bites me, she seems to magically fly across the room. I hear voices late at night - in the form of sportscasters. My husband apparently can't hear the voices.

After watching the movie, I told my friend that the first time I found out that my husband was standing over me for two hours watching me sleep...his a$$ would have been gone! Anyone who knows their scary movies, knows that's a set-up for disaster! Course one might deserve what they got for pulling the stupid sh*t that the boyfriend was pulling!

Anyway, go see it!

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