Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I deserve it

What a rockin' night I had on call. I deserve to have a rockin' night after how the weekend went.

I caught a baby for the doc - it was a woman having her third baby. She did an amazing job at pushing out her baby and I got to use my fav spanish saying - "Si, se puerdo (sp)".

Another baby came very fast in a multip who's water I broke at 4-5cms. She delivered just over an hour later and it was so cool. She squatted and pushed the baby out with her arms wrapped around my shoulders, which meant I couldn't see as my face was in her chest....glad she was wearing a bra or I would have been breastfeeding! LOL! I had one hand underneath the baby's head and just felt the baby being born into my hand. I wish more women would birth out of the darn bed! I was so high after that birth...and it was her first natural birth as she had gotten epidurals with her two previous pregnancies then delivered half an hour later.

The third birth was in a patient who had some BP concerns so we were inducing her - second attempt. This would be her second baby, the first weighing at 9-6! I had sent her home a few days previously as cytotec had not worked to ripen her cervix, her labs, were normal, and her BPs weren't too bad. But then she started getting yucky with the BPs again so another midwife put in a foley bulb and had her come in in the morning for pitocin. Her bulb had fallen out during the night so she was 3-4/60/-2. I waited until she had been on the pit for awhile and was starting to feel crampy, then broke her water. She was 4/70/-2 at that point. She got an epidural shortly thereafter (which was her plan from the gitgo). The nurse checked her while I was finishing the previous delivery and she was 10/100/0! She moved along quickly once she got going. What ended up being so surprising about how fast she moved and only fifteen minutes of pushing was that her first baby was 10 years ago, this baby was good-sized at 8-9, and was OP! I was totally caught off guard when I saw this baby's face looking up at me, batting his eyes :)

I went home to sleep but then had to go back as two grand multips came in...neither of which delivered by morning :p

I had a stalker as well....the dayshift postpartum nurse called and paged me a minimum of 12 times in a 12 hour shift. Mostly for stupid sh*t. It was so aggravating as she seems dumber than a box of rocks. I tried to be past but frankly, it was all I could do to not be mean. Example of one conversation...

Me : Stop calling me on my cell phone and at the office, I'm trying to see patients. I don't have my cell phone on me anyway. Page me first.

RN: I did and waited an hour, you didn't call me back.

Me: You didn't page me correctly, my pager never went off. I know it's working because I just got a page from L&D - they seem to manage to get ahold of me the appropriate way.

RN: Oh, sorry.

What was she calling for this particular time? To let me know that the surgical consult wasn't going to happen until tomorrow and the patient needed to be admitted instead of 23 hour obs. That's reasonable right? Well, I had spoke to her an hour and a half previously about the patient's admission - I told her I would come by after office hours to write orders. Seriously, why are you calling me again.....arrrggghh!


Joy said...

This will be my third birth! I hope it goes as smoothly. I definitely want to try to give birth out of bed, too, preferably in the tub.

Reality Rounds said...

Sounds like the postpartum nurse is suffering from short term memory loss.