Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mec baby

My little mec baby showed up around 2am (she was 4cm at 11:30 am). My poor patient made it to 7 cms and then opted for an epidural. As much as I really wanted her to be successful without one, I figured she would make better progress. She was not able to relax very well unfortunately. The other reason I wasn't terribly disappointed for her was that she was wanting natural childbirth only because she was scared of the needle used for the epidural. I really find it irritating sometimes because the woman is running away from something (epidural) rather than moving towards it (birth). And it's totally cool to give the baby narcotics in the form of IV meds during labor. Hm, makes perfect sense to me.

Anyway, once she got the epidural she progressed to 9.5cms in less than an hour. I had her rest for about an hour and a half to labor down also. Then she pushed for about 35 minutes and delivered over an intact perineum - a beautiful little girl with 9/9 apgars. Then I offered to help with breastfeeding...Nope, she wants to bottle feed. Bummer. But to each her own I guess.

Well, gotta head in....a 16-year-old primip that I sent home this morning (she was 4/80/-2 but her contractions petered out) is back now (5/90/-1 BBOW) and way more uncomfortable. She also plans only IV pain meds (but I'm gonna try and help her through without them!) probably because she is scared of the epidural...sigh. I wish some of my patients would come in....they want natural childbirth for all the right reasons (and that includes no drugs!).

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