Sunday, April 19, 2009

Follow up on the nurse run-in

I have to share with you all the lovely follow-up to my run-in with a nurse I blogged about in this post.

That same day, the student and I had another patient as well. The lazy nurse took over her latter that day...grrr. I thought "wow, someone is really testing my patience...or lack of."

The nurse was a little better but still exhibiting some passive-aggressive behavior. I let it go.

Then a couple days letter I get a call from the midwife in my practice who is technically 'in charge' of the students. Apparently this nurse told her she was concerned about how much I left the student alone that day. Specifically, I left the student alone to finish the repair. Now in my defense, the repair was a very small tear that required three stitches total. I inspected the patient's bottom with the student, reviewed what the repair would be, and then left her to do it. My thinking was this would help boost her confidence. Anyway, the nurse claimed that she had to tell the student how to do the repair! Hmmm, excuse me, but when did you learn how to do repairs?????? Anyway, no big deal, but it really pissed me off as I know it was a ploy to 'get back' at me. Jeez.....

So, I decided that I will bang my head against the wall if she gets another one of my ladies. And guess what? Yep, next time I am on, she has my patient again. I thought I was gonna fall on the floor laughing at the irony. I decided to try things one more time to see how she behaved. And she was ok....other than sticking a bottle in the baby's mouth afterwards when mom was breastfeeding. And my IBCLC student midwife had gotten the baby to latch on with mom. Grrr.


slh35661 said...

I have found that when I get tested like that from the cosmos above that I have to figure out what my lesson is. Sometimes it is that I have to be more patient. Sometimes it is that maybe I wasn't on my game that day either. Sometimes it is that the nurse has had a bad time of it with someone and it just gets translated to me. So next time instead of looking at it as a negative, see if you can find some way to make that nurse smile. Make it your goal for the shift. It is amazing when I have this goal how it can transform my attitude as well as everyone around me.
As for the student, instead of leaving her alone try just stepping back into the room or over to the baby so you are available but giving the student space as well. It is a trick I learned long ago that we have to stick around but we can still let the umbilical cord to the student get a little looser as they come along. Plus it gives the student comfort that you are there if they are really having problems and need you.
Just my two cents for whatever they are worth.

Joy said...

She was giving a breastfeeding baby a BOTTLE?! Is she completely moronic?

Loving Pecola said...

I really liked, and did better when, my preceptors stepped "away" for a moment. (Whether in the room or out :o)

Lost said...

Basically it is none of the nurses buiness how you teach your student you are the provider of care for the patient. I bet should would not question any OB about their care. Your patients have the right to be given the same level of nursing care that the OB docs get as for given a bottle to a breastfeed mom I would have been the one complaining. Do not let this sad intervidual get you down.