Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation time rocks!

The past few weeks I have been really feeling 'burned out'. Not in a way that I would want to quit midwifery...not at all. I just have been feeling like my resevoir (sp) has dropped really low and is in need of replenishing. So, finally, I started my long awaited week long vacation time. And actually it's kinda nice because I have just one 24 hour shift following the vacation then off for the weekend :)

Part of the vacation was spent in Las Vegas, which was great as always. This trip was a little different as we took the kids and had a family vaca! The kids loved it! It went far better than I had expected it would. My mother got married while there - and I must say the male strippers for her bachelorette party were very nice young men...in many ways!

Now, I am just spending the last couple days hanging by the pool, reading, watching TV, etc.

And the itch to catch babies and see women in the office is back!

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